Our executive management team

Jonas Warrer
Jonas Warrer Chief Executive Officer
Jonas Warrer founded the affiliate business Rebel Penguin in 2007 and eventually sold it to GiG’s (Gaming Innovation Group) affiliate division Innovation Labs in 2017, later renamed GiG Media. Since then Jonas has possessed several roles in managing positions, taking GiG Media to new heights. With GiG announcing a spinoff of the media division in 2023, Jonas was selected by the board as Interim CEO throughout the split and is since summer 2024 CEO of the ever all-time-high successful Gentoo.
Milorad Matejic
Milorad Matejic Chief Operating Officer
Asbjørn Bieling
Asbjørn Bieling Chief Marketing Officer
Daniel Kürstein
Daniel Kürstein Chief Commercial Officer
Gioacchino Morsicato
Gioacchino Morsicato Chief Sales Officer
Vadim Jefimenko
Vadim Jefimenko Chief Technology Officer
Morten Hillestad
Morten Hillestad Chief Strategy Officer
Tore Formo
Tore Formo Group Chief Financial Officer
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